Uploading flight logs to Airdata UAV from two Ipads (two Phantoms)

We had a disconnect failure with Dronedeploy and our Phantom 4 advanced. About 90 seconds after takeoff en route to the start point of a grid plan the drone stopped about 3/4s of the way there. I hit the resume/play button and it disconnected and presumably crashed. It was only about 220meters out and I had seen it about 5 seconds before looking back at my screen. When I looked up it was gone. This was the last mapping flight of 12 for the day with this drone. The same day another crew was operating our P4Pro doing another 13 flights in the same area. We didn’t find the missing drone (P4adv).
The next day I went back on site and flew the same flights all over. We both had ipads and used Dronedeploy for the flight plans. Now I’m trying to upload the flight logs to Airdata UAV and so far have only managed to upload the flights for the second day. When I sync the flights on the other Ipad it just resyncs the first lot as per the other Ipad. Possibly the missing flight logs were on a Ipad using DD 3point something version. The other ipad version was more recent. Any ideas?

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