AirData UAV Data

**Summary of Issue:Flight logs not uploading

**Date Issue Began:Ages ago

**Drone Model:P4Pro

**Mobile Device Model and OS version:Ipad 10.3.3. / DD ver 2.0.59

Is there a trick to uploading the flight logs. I can verify my token with AirData UAV but when I choose sync flights it says no flight logs to upload.


Hi Sean,

Can you please clarify if you’re having difficulties accessing your flight logs from DroneDeploy or if you’re unable to upload to AirData UAV?

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Hi Stephanie,

I am having issues syncing them back to AirData UAV. It says no flight logs available.

I haven’t tried to access them in DD as I have no idea how to achieve that. If I logon to my account on a PC it says no flight logs on my particular flights.


The logs will only be created if you upload the images using the flightplan after flying when it has changed from Fly to Upload. If you upload them using the Upload button on the dashboard, you won’t get any logs on that flight.

This explains how to recover them.

Thanks Gary,

I havent uploaded the images using the Upload button on the dashboard. When I click on the flight it shows No Flight Logs Available.

I am not seeing the same as the support video. My options are: add more images, make a copy, download flight logs, move to folder, share and delete. When I click on download flight logs it continues to rotate until it finally says unable to download flight logs. The Mission is categorized as complete with all images uploaded and maps processed. I would like to add the logs to Drone Log Book but so far, no luck.

Hi @syamaphantom and @Dronelady,

If you have uploaded your images properly and see no flight log, it could be due to a poor connection. The way we capture flight logs is via a telemetry stream during the mission. Occasionally, this stream will disconnect and the log files will not be captured. This typically happens when flying in areas with higher eletricical interference, most often in construction sites, near large metal equipment, or in close proximity to electrical lines and/or radio towers. I’m sorry about that. Please let us know if it’s happening regularly at every site and we’d be happy to look into this further.


The flight logs should still be accessible for the original flight that you flew using the dropdown next to that flight.

There are some issues we’ve been working on which can prevent the upload of flight logs from your device to our servers. If you “no flight logs available” when clicking the dropdown next to the plan on the main screen then this could be what has happened. These flight logs should still be accessible when viewing the data on your phone using iTunes.

I am confused. I do not upload my images to DD so therefore the flight logs should still exist ? However the option to download flight logs is greyed out.

Am I missing something ?

Hi @syamaphantom,

Can you follow the instructions in How to find Mobile Logs on iOS and let me know if you are able to see anything?

Keep me posted,

I dont have the iPad that I flew with so will have to do this on my next flights. I’ll feedback once done.

Thank you Christina.

Had a weird one today where the mission started, the bird went up 5m and then decided to try and fly into a tree. Aborted the mission, reset everything and she proceeded to fly the mission as expected.

I tried to get the Airdata UAV sync to sync the flight logs but this says there is no new flights to upload.

So I downloaded the flight logs and brought them into Airdata manually - only to find that the only log is of the aborted mission, not the 2nd mission that was flown.

So two issues - Airdata not syncing and possibly DD not recording multiple flights ?

Version 2.60.0 on and Ipad.

Thank you !

Hi @syamaphantom,

I am happy to help you here. Could you private message me with your DroneDeploy user email address and the flight plan in question? I was not able to find a DroneDeploy account for the email address associated with your forum login.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you,

H @syamaphantom,

Thank you for sending over your DroneDeploy user email address. I went into your flight plan and found 2 flight logs. One log was 249KB and the other 5.9MB. I was able to load both logs into AirData successfully. If you are still having trouble with the Flight Logs, I can email them to you directly.

In regards to your drone going up 5 meters then trying hover away, this is something that can happen when DJI detects that your GPS health has dropped below a certain threshold. Is this reproducible each time in the same area?


I guess my query is why are they not uploading automatically ?

Your explanation about the hover makes sense and yes it was reproducible in the same area.

Thank you.

Erm I dont use DroneLogBook.

I use Airdata.

Hi @syamaphantom,

Sorry about the confusion. As long as your user token is valid, your flights should be syncing automatically. You can verify your token here. Could you also verify that the Synchronization is set to “automatically”?
If you continue to run into an issue with Airdata, we recommend contacting

Thank you,

Hi Nipul,

I can verify my token with no issues.

It is not an Airdata issue - its how DD interfaces to upload it to Airdata I would think.


Hi @syamaphantom,

Thanks for verifying that you are able to authenticate your token.
We are looking into this issue and will follow up with you soon.

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Hi Nipul,

Interestingly enough I did 3 x DD flights today and all 3 have successfully uploaded to AirData.

Dont know why today is different from any other flights tho.

Thank you