Dronedeploy flights upload to AirData

Why are my DroneDeploy flights not showing up in the app or being transferred to AirData? When I click the Airdata link in DroneDeploy, it says no flights to upload.

Hello @Eshorvath thanks for reaching out. If you are having trouble accessing your logs via your DroneDeploy app, I would try using the iTunes method described here if you are using an iOS device. Thanks.

I am using Android. Is there a way to do so with Android? Although, next week, I am getting an iPad.

Figured out how. Manually imported with Airdata using the txt files. :sunglasses:

Glad to hear you resolved your issue, @Eshorvath!

Not really resolved, just found a work around. Isn’t it supposed to be automated?

Have you reached out to Airdata’s support team?

Yes, with no resolution. They say DO issue. DP says AD issue. No one accepting responsibility.

Hi @Eshorvath,

Have a couple questions for you, if you don’t mind.

  1. Were all of these missions flown with DroneDeploy?
  2. Did you upload the data into the same flight you flew with DroneDeploy or did you upload the data as a new Map Engine map without an associated flight?
  3. Are there any console errors when trying to upload to Airdata using their app?

Keep me posted,