How to sync flights with other apps?

I have SOME of my DroneDeploy flights in AirData UAV (formerly Healthy Drones) but not all. I can’t figure why some are in and not others, so how do I get all of my DD flights to sync?

My goal is to get all the flight stats into AirData as well as get a KMZ output which I can import to Google Earth.

To show you what I mean, I’ve done a fly-through of all my logged flights. The DroneDeploy ones will be obvious.


Hi Dave, thank you for sharing this. There are some known bugs with making sure all flights get logged. The team is aware of this issue and actively working toward a solution. Apologies for any inconvenience you’re currently experiencing.

Hi Kara,

Where are the DD flight logs stored, can they be uploaded manually?

Yeh that wiuld interest me - can flight longs be manually shared with other apps?

Good question, looking into this now.

@Dave_Wilson We are going to update our app such that the flight logs are stored in accessible folder both on iOS and Android. Hopefully in coming 2-3 weeks.