iPad not syncing with Airdata


Good morning fine peeps! :wink:

So, I noticed that the flights I did this weekend are not syncing with AirData. I went to look for 3rd party apps within DroneDeploy on the ipad and it is not loading a single app. I was under the impression it would sync, or did sync at one time.

I am on 2.76.0, so should be the latest version. Does it still sync with Airdata, or do I have to manually upload the flight logs… which I no longer have as I wiped the micro SD? :frowning:


Ok… never mind. Seems that I flew all the flights on my ipad…but I just took a hunch and checked my iphone and, the app only works on the iphone so… it uploaded the flights, even though I never used it TO fly… lol.

Works for me! :stuck_out_tongue:
So, problem solved and documented here in case someone else asks… and… I am going back to my coffee :wink:




Hi @jrbtx,

This topic is now closed since the issue is resolved.