Uploading Dronedeploy Flights to Airdata

Hi, I have over 100 flights in my dronedeply projects and want to upload the flight logs to Airdata. I have an Airdata account, a token, verified the token, tried up load my flights, it tried to sync only 27 of over my 100 flights then says no new flights to upload and nothing uploads to Airdata. Any ideas how I can fix this? I should not that I did start with a free Airdata account and the 27 flights did initally upload but I am trying to upload them again to a different paid airdata account. And in the process of trying to get them to upload to the new account now I have none uploaded to either account.

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If you cant get DD & Airdata to sync your logs, grab the logs from your app device and then upload those to Airdata via its upload tab, works great, assuming your logs are there.

I was having the same problem, DD wasn’t consistent about the logs most of the time they don’t even show up in DD. I started using DJI Assistant for P24 and grab the dat files directly from the drone then upload them to Airdata manually. Seems to be more consistent especially when it comes to which battery was used during the flight.

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Yup, starting around 4/16 update, had to do the same thing, pull the logs/data directly from the aircraft, then upload to airdata manually, a pita. Since around 5/14 update, logs starting to appear again on the app device, however not in same folder as before. Concur about battery usage monitoring and management, also useful for checking any flight signal issues, winds, etc.

Aren’t the DD and DJI drone logs different? I don’t see the same data in DroneDeploy that I see in DJI Assistant 2. I do see the DD logs fail quite often though.

The DD log on the app device should be same or similar to what is on the aircraft or vice versa. What could be different is if the app (e.g. DD) added some extra info such as media to the logs when stored on the app device. If you pulled the data from the aircraft for a DD flight, and happened to have the DD flight log on the app device and uploaded both to Air Data, you should see the same, difference being what app is shown by Air Data. For example if you upload the logs from the aircraft, Air Data will show DJI DAT (e.g. it came from DAT file). If you uploaded a log from app device, it might show up as DJI or as DroneDeploy4.43.0. Note that if you do not find DD flight logs in the DD folders on android, also check to see if there is a DD subfolder under DJI, if so, check that folder to see if DD app put the logs there. If not, then its off to the aircraft and use DJI assistant to pull the logs before they get overwritten.