Flight Logs! M3E

I can’t seem to find flight logs anywhere on my DD account. I’m now using the M3E but when I go into a project and look at flight logs, it’s empty. I have the airdata app and token installed and works fine across other DJI apps, but not DD. Worked when I was using my P4P. Anyone with same issue?

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Have run into this in the past, then it gets fixed, then something changes and the problem reappears. If you cant upload for the DD fly app to airdata, grab your logs and manually upload to airdata.

If you cant find your DD logs on your device where DD fly app is and you flew the mission, here are a few places to look if you are on droid (sorry if you are on ios).

Look in the DJI folder, for example com.dronedeploy.beta, com.aryuthere.visionplus, or worse case see if there is a non DD log however DJI log in the applicable dji folder (e.g. dji.pilot, dji.go.v4, etc). You can also check your main android folder look for a subfolder named something along the lines of com.dronedeploy or com.aryuthere.visionplus.

If all else fails, have also used the DJI assistants to pull the logs from the aircraft when not able to do the auto upload from DD fly app to airdata, or when not able to locate the logs.

Good luck
Go look on your app/device you flew your DD mission with, if they are not

Thanks Greg,
I’m using the RC Pro controller with the M3E. When I run a standard mission using Pilot2 then I get the logs auto updating to Airdata. But when I use DD on the same device, go to the project and it says ‘No Flight Logs’!! I have connected the drone to computer using DJI Assistant and downloaded the DAT file. Then followed the Airdata instructions to manually upload them to my account. They upload as though something is happening but they still don’t appear in my Airdata flight logs! I know that the DAT is a combined file bit Airdata says it’s useable. Nowhere else can I find any stand alone flight log files. Thanks, Tony.

No worries Tony, have seen some of the logs from aircraft work, some not work, also sometimes it takes awhile for the logs to process on airdata.