Mavic 3E Flight Logs

When executing a flight using Drone Deploy on my M3E, there are no Flight Log created for a particular mapping flight. None, zero.

Is this because DD shuts down the DJI Pilot 2 App?

I always upload my flight logs to AirData UAV? Now there is nothing to upload.

Am I missing something or is this just a feature with DD and the M3E?

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I guess the only upside to knowing that DD will not create flight logs on my DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise controller is knowing the DJI M3E mapping and survey capabilities preclude me from having to bother with using DD on my M3E at all.

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Hi @flysuav , if you’re an Advanced, Teams, or Enterprise customer, you can find your M3E flight logs on DroneDeploy and automatically sync them with Airdata. You can also access the flight logs in the Pilot 2 app under ‘Manage Logs’ > ‘Aircraft logs’ when both the RC and aircraft are turned on.

Is there any workflow document regarding downloading the flight logs when using the m3e ? Full Logs are not in the dji Pilot 2 app …

The workflow is simple, but not obvious. After flying your M3E mission:

  1. Sign-in to your DD account
  2. Open your project
  3. Select the ‘Gear’ icon on the upper right
  4. Select the last option under project settings
  5. Select and download your log file.

The log file can be uploaded and processed normally by AirData UAV, etc.

A couple of things to note…

Make sure to download the log file from DD before deleting your DD project. Once the project is deleted, bye-bye log file.

Fly safe.

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