No Flight Logs

I just flew and processed my first map. Everything looks great. However, my context menu says “No Flight Logs Available”. From everything I’ve read, I should be able to download flight logs at this point. Am I missing something?

Try keeping the app turned on and make sure to pull down the plan list on dashboard to initiate the sync. We are working on to provide a alternate method to download flight logs from android storage or itunes. Should be done in 2 weeks.

I use AirData for all my logs and they have just released a DD app to automatically sync flight logs. I’ve used it a few times now and it seems to be working great. Previously, I either had no DD logs or truncated log files.

I cannot get all of my flight records to easily slide into my healthy drones/Airdata account either. Are there steps that we need to follow in order to ensure that the data gets to a flight log and then gets moved over to Airdata? I can get my “djigo” flights to come up easily - I have to manually download all my DD flight logs - ( the ones that do come up) to get into Airdata.



@Mapple Was this flight plan on mobile able to upload the flight data? Sometimes keeping app open for 5 minutes or so will upload any remaining flight data from phone to cloud.