Flight Logs - Where to access?

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First post for me here. Will DD be able to supply access to flight logs like the DJI Go app does ?.


Absolutely. Once you’ve flown a planned mission, you will see a link under the plan to access your log. Several providers of operations management software such as Skyward.io, DroneLogBook, and Kittyhawk.io offer apps that will automatically sync your DroneDeploy missions with their software.

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I have 3 completed missions (green circle) but only one of them has a link to it’s flight log. Any idea what’s going on ?



You will need to “complete” the map (process imagery) in order for the log to show up. It looks like the system is waiting on imagery for a couple of your maps.

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Any support for Healthydrones? I use them for logging flights. Provides the most detail info on health of drone and batteries.

I think it is already supported http://healthydrones.com/dronedeploy

Right now you have to upload your images to that map before you can access the flight logs. Pretty soon you can download it from the plan even before making a map. There are some DroneDeploy apps which integrate with some 3rd party logging providers as well if you check the DroneDeploy app market.

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I am using a phantom 4 plus a vegetation camera atached to the leg of the drone (is a MAPIR 2). To use the vegetation images i need to synch them with the gps log of the phantom.

Yesterday i flew 50 hectares offline. I came back to the office, took the sd out and plugged it into the computer. I then entered the dronedeploy.com account and manually uploaded the pictures (rgb from the drone camera). Everything went fine as i obtained a very nice orthomosaic. The issue is that i cannot find anywhere the log files. There is no link to the log file.

Is it thhe case that logs are only available once the pictures are uploaded directly form the drone app on the tablet? i would very much appreciate some help on this issue. I cannot possibly georeference the NDVI camera pictures without the logs from DD…

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Log files should be available now from the dashboard if you use the dropdown next to your plan.

Is there flight logs available for Android 7.0? I don’t have any logs even after creating a map.

Android should be updated in the next week or two with better flight logging (and a lot more improvements!)

I am using a MAC to access and download flight logs for DroneLogBook. When I click on the link to download the files, a new window opens and the data is presented. I cannot save that page to a file that imports. Also, I do not see a download option to save to the hard drive. I’m sure it’s operator error on my part, any help will be much appreciated.

It is not true. I have several completed flights that are waiting for the upload the photos. And only 2 of them have a flight log. I don’t know how it happened. I still haven’t found an answer. Apparently this is a bug