Inspire 1 Pro Mapping

Has anyone tested out the software with the new X5 camera? If so please share results and images.

Here’s one I did the week before Christmas. Fairly small area, but I was mostly happy with the results. Resolution was a bit limited, I think because it was only processed using the DD map engine.

Was the resolution limited on the exported data? The web viewer does not go down to the highest resolution we support so you need to export the data to obtain that.

I hadn’t exported the data actually. Guessing by the small site, and the 4.0gb download size, I’m going to guess it’s full res.

We should probably add a notice or something if users zoom in farther than available on the web that they can access higher resolution through exporting

@MBlacklin - very nice Helipad and cone setup. Looks like you had quite a crowd :wink:

Shot this yesterday with the X5: