iOS app officially released!

Hey guys and gals, today is the worldwide launch of our iOS app! We’re really excited about this as it has been a feature that many mappers have been requesting for a LONG time. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of testing the beta.

If you were an iOS beta tester and want to remain able to test the newest features before anyone else, you can keep your app install that was from the Test Flight invite you were sent. Otherwise, you can go ahead and delete that app and redownload the latest iOS app directly from the link below.


Let us know your thoughts.

Happy mapping!

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Hi Ian
Just tested the 1.5.0 version on an iPhone 6s. Mission went very smothly without any issues.

The only thing missing is telemetry data, like flight time, height, distance, and most important battery status.

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Colors in pictures are quite unnattural.
Project Link

Hey Martin, these are definitely going to be added back in soon.

Congrats, all! Big milestone!

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