Updated App = Some Improvement!

Updated the Drone Deploy app since I saw there was a new update. Did a mapping mission over a nature preserve on Tuesday morning and I’m thrilled to say that it went well - didn’t have any disconnects from the Phantom 3 Pro drone I was using.

Still unresolved:

  • flight plans still won’t cache for offline use which results in us having to switch to a much smaller iPhone 6+ and diminishes the ability for us to share the mapping mission with our clients which continues to be disappointing

  • when Return To Home is initiated by the app it continues to cause the drone to descend even after toggling back to P-GPS mode which continues to introduce some safety issues because it’s unexpected behavior

Hope these can be resolved soon. Love that both missions we did were otherwise stable with near real-time updates and we liked the voice announcements - that’s something DataMapper from PixHawk has had for awhile and I’m glad you brought that feature to your app