Any developments with offline maps?

The last few times I tried to use offline maps were failures. My phantom 4 would fly the mission but stop taking pictures after the first few. Phantom 3 would just stop mid-mission and hover. In both cases, the app would not allow me to restart again because it wasn’t seeing Wifi and thought I was trying to upload a flightplan.

Is anyone else using offline mapping or aware of fixes?

Hi Dagon,

We are working on a fix to addresses this issue and you can expect an update from the app store sometime this week. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Happy flying!

Thank you Nipul. Excited to hear it.

Please post here when it’s available

Nipul, I just noticed that you said “update from the app store.” What about Android?

Hi Dagon,

I apologize, as I meant the App Store and Google Play. This update was pushed earlier this week and is now available.

Thank you,

I’ll check it out (fingers crossed). Thanks!

Success! Everything worked just as hoped for. I was able to download an offline map and create a mission. Then in the field, outside of internet access, I was able to see the downloaded map, fly the mission, make a copy of the mission and edit it on site.

Thanks so much Nipul and DD!

One thing I should comment on. When I opened my dashboard I saw text under the mission name that said “waiting to download basemap.” I was prepared for trouble but I was relieved to see the Airplane launch icon when I connected my drone and to also see that the basemap really was there.

Hi @Dagon,

I’m really happy to hear this all worked out for you. Sometimes when you receive a message like this, it usually means something is happening in the background. After a few moments or instantly, things will resume and you will be able to take off.

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