Not able to use offline flight plans

Since the last app update I´m not able to make offline flights. The Drone connects, passes the checklist but when I press the button to start the flight the drone simply wont start. It works perfectly when online.

Can anyone help?
Is it possible to install the previous version of the dronedeploy app, as it was working well?
As usual I´m in a hurry to solve this issue to complete my work.
Thank you

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Hi Germani,

Thanks for reaching out here - sorry to hear you’re having issues with offline flight!
Can you update to the latest version, released Tuesday? (4.129.0) This should include fixes to offline mapping.
Let us know if issues continue on the new version.

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Ran into something similar last week. Make sure that your offline map missions are actually in fact offline, verify on the app/device being used to fly. In my case had some old missions that were enabled as offline that should have been removed, cleaned out however were still present thus was over limit of offline missions for that device. Was able to use a different app/device with cell/internet connection to fly the mission. Later was able to clean out the previous orphaned missions and all worked fine.