Offline mode clarification?

I know this might of been talked about before and I read some of the fly off line docs but its not 100% clear.

Here is my situation.

Going be in an area of Black Rock (Burning Man) doing some 3d mapping of Fly Ranch.

  1. I will be planning the flights on desktop and iPad
  2. I will save those and make sure both of them have this data (is map data cached on iPad)
  3. I plan to then drive out to that area and pull up drone deploy on my iPad (will is even load if no connection?)

If so will my cached flight plans be available to me, that then can be sent to my Inspire 1

I thought I would update this post since nobody has replied. Drone Deploy app will launch w/o a connection (I just turned off my wifi on my iPad), my flight plans where their however no cached google map data which really doesnt help if you need to make adjustments in that area… any thoughts on this… is this in an iOS beta version? If so could I test it out?

Cached Google maps are not working for offline use at the moment. DD support confirmed this with me recently. Hopefully they are working to get this fixed soon.

Thanks, yea its kinda a big issue to not have the map avail to you when your off the grid!

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