I have to be connected to the internet to fly?

I flew a mission with poor coverage for data where I was in the desert. I didn’t have good enough coverage to upload the images but I realized I could upload them later. After I moved to an area with no data coverage at all I was not able to initiate the dronedeploy as it seemed to want an internet connection which I will not have most of the time. Is there a way to initiate flights and capture data without an internet connection?

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This is on the todo list for sure. There are a couple things we need to work on to make this possible.

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Same issue, glad it is being worked on. The ability to cache a map area prior to leaving a coverage area would be a huge help as well.

Also on the list :smile:

Any update on flying without an internet connection?

I’d say to expect this in 2-4 weeks. We are focusing on a full beta release in the Play store with some of the current bugs fixed at the moment.


I have the same trouble. My jobs are in areas with no cell coverage and I haven’t been able to do any “real” work. I mapped an empty field as a test where there was cell coverage but no crops. I can’t use this if flight planning needs an Internet connection.

Are you familiar with the “OK Maps” command that caches Google Maps before you leave coverage? It works with DJI’s Go app. Does it work with this app?

I am familiar with that command. We do not use Google maps so it will not work with DroneDeploy.

I would also like to flag this as a high priority! We work out of a field station with satellite internet, and cannot connect to the DJI server to even get into the app. Cached maps are also essential, otherwise we end up guessing where to put our grids.

Thanks for the note Will, we’re focusing on this as soon as we resolve the current firmware issues.

Has there been any update on this yet. I am knew to using this software and I am looking at doing a lot of farmers fields. Tried it yesterday and could only get my iPhone to work and not my iPad as I don’t have data plan in the iPad.

Yes, this has been possible for a long time now. If you have no internet there won’t be base tiles on the map, by you can pre plan on desktop and you will have tiles.

Jono, from iOS, if I have a mobile wifi unit (eg. MyFi) will this represent sufficient connection to enable Internet for DroneDeploy use with my Phantom P3? I have same issue as spencurai.

That should be ample connectivity. You should only need internet connectivity the very first time you open the app to authenticate you with our servers. Let me know if this isn’t the case!

So if I’m going to be at a location without internet I cannot use this app? Or can I start the app at my office and then leave it open until I get to the location (sounds like a pain in the ass, but better than nothing)?

Hi @ugleee - this is just for the very first time you use the app.

  • If you download it from the app store, go somewhere with no internet,
    and open it for the first time - it will not work.
  • If you download the app from the app store, sign in to the app while online,
    then close the app, go somewhere where there is no internet, and open
    it to create a map - it will work.
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Got it working. First test map photos are done, ready for upload! Two points that got me connected in area with no wifi connection:

  1. Downloaded subject area as an offline map while on my home wifi connection;
  2. In the field, I used my iPhone 6s Plus as a wifi hotspot

Bingo! Worked like a charm, took the default altitude and number of passes and it worked perfectly.mmThis will be awesome! Can hardly wait to see map results. Thanks for your help, Jono

So, I guess now that DJI wants to take responsibility of my aircraft that if I get a citation I can sue DJI for the fine. DJI has now created a market for drone hacks.

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