iOS Beta is finally here!

Thanks Chase! I’ll hold off until further notice.

Hey Chase I’m experiencing the same issue as Chris - No link to the app / app store in the email invitation I received from Jono. Thoughts?

Can you both make sure to send the email you want the invite to and I’ll see if it might have been sent somewhere else.

Yes sir email has been sent!

When can we get the app. Wandering when I will be sent out cheers

We have been sending it out. Please fill out our form.

I’ve been sent a email… Is it a case of just waiting now for the invite

Even when I do manually, it sometimes takes a few times to get it to bring up file explorer to load photos.

Registered and waiting. Have had a lot of trouble lately with the Android version so interested in checking this out…

Finally got to go out and try this. FW X3 camera. Everything I tried today worked fine: Offline planning / sync, high waypoint mission, high overlap mission, full RTH procedures. Sweet!

A week later, still don’t seem to have any invite or method of downloading the iOS app.

Shame as we constantly have clients asking for my opinion on Drone Deploy. :confused:

Hi @Chris_Robertson, thanks for your interest!

As with all our beta’s we’ve been rolling it out slowly - this way we minimize frustration if something isn’t working particularly well. With the next release in the next few days, there are some significant bug fixes, and we’ll bring on the next wave. I’ll make sure that you’re on this list.


Flew with the beta today. Everything worked with no issues. The phantom seemed to fly faster and turn quicker than with the android version. Will the next version have an option to disable auto camera settings? Thank you.

Hi Jono

This came a couple of weeks ago, but no invite yet.

“In terms of the next steps, expect an invite soon to Apple’s TestFlight (to this address) - we’ve just pushed v1.4.4 to the store, and it should be available for download soon.”

When am I likely to have it?

Hi @stereojet - It seems like a bunch of the links didn’t go out to people correctly from Apple’s side. We’ll be sending a out a generated redemption code to a few people this evening. Please email to be added to this list.

Got email all download fine looking forward to testing this weekend will give feedback :+1: Simulator all works

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I’m not sure if ‘here’ is where you’d like to get feedback on the iOS beta … but here it is … (I fly in offline sync mode) …

I’ve been using the android beta for a while and tried the iOS beta today for the first time.

The iOS beta is a much better experience (at least for me) in that the offline sync seemed to happen with much less (actually no) fuss. Also, when out in the filed, I am able to switch back and forth between the DJI Go app and the DroneDeploy app without having to disconnect the USB cable between my device and the remote controller to allow the USB port to be allocated to the correct app (as seems to be required by the android opsys).

Two pieces of feedback for the process in general;

  • many folks may not think their flight plan got ‘synced’ because they may not know to refresh their browser screen after syncing, so the new ‘synced’ status may not be reflected on their dashboard.
  • I’d include a battery gauge on the DroneDeploy screen for when you are actively flying the planned route soon as possible, just for pilot comfort.

All in all I feel its a very good improvement over the android version.


Hi Gary, Thanks for your input. What equipment are you using (drone, camera, and device)? I’m using an Inspire, X3, iPad air 2. I’ve tried everything to get missions to sync, but so far no luck. The DD documentation seems to be geared towards android. Maybe editing the documentation to include iOS particulars will help alleviate confusion.

Hi … I’m using a DJI Phantom 2 Professional (with its built in camera), and iPhone 6.

OOPS! Phantom 3 Professional (with its built-in camera), and an Apple iPhone 6.