Inspire 1 Firmware

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I just got done literally spending all day trying every combination file to downgrade from to any of the beta firmwares. I only ever succeeded in downgraded to and even that was difficult. I was never able to upgrade again to any of the beta firmwares, only Has anybody had any success going to one of the SDK or the DJI beta firmwares so far? We’ve been in touch with DJI about this. If we’re lucky we might not have to wait too long for a fix, but I don’t want to say any details because it could still all fall through.

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no it seems to be imposible. i believe the FW are flagged and you can only downgrade to released versions.

i am currently in and grounded for mapping. have contacted dji but the got nothing from them.

I think it’s well documented now that has been very problematic and is causing major problems for us trying to even get a flyable system. Like you, we spent all day last Friday and over the weekend, trying every possible method we could think of to downgrade using Mac & PC methods. It this point we have an unusable aircraft which is causing us lost revenues and the inability to get images for our clients. Like you, we were also only able to get downgraded on the controllers and it appears that is on the aircraft which we can’t get to downgrade no matter what we try. Our system appears (from bench testing) to be operational even with the controllers on one firmware and the aircraft on another version, though it does indicate on the controllers that an upgrade is needed. Drone Deploy will not work as it recognizes there is a firmware problem.

It is just inconceivable to us that DJI would release a firmware upgrade that would prevent 3rd party applications from working. To not include sdk in the release is irresponsible on their part and it is causing a financial issue for those of us that depend on 3rd party vendors to provide capabilities that DJI promised but to date, failed to deliver on their own products. If DJI’s strategy is to rely on 3rd party vendors to provide functionality they can’t provide, they should be testing their software or have you test their software before they release it to the public. At the very least DJI should be providing you with contacts within the company that can escalate these types of issues to someone in the company that can get these issues resolved immediately.

They don’t provide accurate information as is evidenced in their firmware upgrade instructions. They say that the upgrade should be done with the DJI Go app. The problem of course is that it’s not available for Android. The company just doesn’t know how to run a customer-focused business.

In the meantime, were waiting for a solution that will get us back in the air.

Thanks for what you do for us.

We actually do have contacts in the company. I agree they messed up this time but it does sound like they will be working on a fix that should be out relatively soon.

no success here. I’m still grounded as well.

Just curious if there are any updates on this?

We are working on a version that works with the new sdk. A public firmware is due out soon which is compatible with the new sdk. I’m hoping to test fly with 1.4 today.

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Great! Thanks for your work on getting a fix as quickly as possible.

Not sure what to do. Did not update firmware in inspire. Yet keep getting warnings not to fly without upgrading. How can I test DD if I can’t fly ( or perhaps shouldn’t fly)… I have no idea how critical the requested firmware upgrade is. If I don’t upgrade can I fly? Is it a safety issue? A fly away issue?

If you want use the current dronedeploy app on the forum you need the firmware in our guide. We should have a version for the newest dev firmware monday hopefully. Hopefully dji also comes out with an official version of that firmware soon as well so nobody has to jump through these hoops.
Are you currently flying on dronedeploy or are you getting started?

Hi chase. I have been going through this process slowly and methodically. I have been able to fly using dji pilot app but keep getting a warning to upgrade. I am still running the version recommended in this forum. I have yet to fly using DD. that was the next step but these warnings have spooked me. While I was able to fly, I was to comfortable disregarding the warnings in the dji pilot app. I have NOT uploaded the latest firmware from DJI so I am probably ready to go with DD - the warnings are a bit disconcerting.

There will be warnings while there is a newer firmware. The firmware we have on the site is the one people have been flying with for the past month or so successfully. In the next week or so hopefully there is a more public firmware you can use.

A-ok. The warnings were disconcerting. When I saw them I nearly packed up. When I discovered I was able to fly, despite the warnings, I put it in beginner mode and flew a series of simple maneuvers. All went fine. I guess I’ll stick with the older firmware as directed by this site, ignore any warnings, and fly with DD. unless I see instructions to the contrary. I don’t want to put my new, expensive, bird at risk but I am busting to get flying using Drone Deploy.

I expect you’ll be fine. We still have people flying every day and they are waiting to upgrade once we have the 1.4 support out.

We have now released an updated version. You can find it here. Beta V10 Release (DroneDeploy 1.1.0)

Hey guys,

I was hoping someone can clarify something for me. My Inspire 1 is still on the old firmware 1.2 as well as my two controllers. Should I upgrade it to 1.3? I just downloaded the DD app from the android store. Should I leave the DJI firmware 1.2 and download DD 1.4 to my inspire 1 and controllers? Sorry but I am completely lost with all these firmwares lol.


If you have the version from the Android store you need controller version 1.03, which is the public one available from DJI, and the aircraft needs DJI SDK firmware 1.04 which is linked to from the release forum link. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Great thanks :smile: