DJI Inspire V1.5.0.30 Firm Ware

This was released today. Are we cleared to update both GO app v2.4.2 and FW for iOS Beta users?

Thanks! PV

this seems to be working fine in our tests.

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thx Chase, keep us updated as your testing advances.

is this for the Inspire pro as well or do i just stay with previous firmware

So we are ok to upgrade to this firmware to use with the iOS beta?

Yes it is fine to upgrade. We are also releasing today to more people and it will include the first X5 support. We haven’t tested that piece extensively so I expect there to be issues with the camera settings. We will be continuing to tweak it through next week.

Thanks Chase, I’ll update asap.

I haven’t fired up my Inspire in a bit but it says upgrade to 1.5.70 is required…is this compatible with DD or is there a way to bypass the firmware upgrade?
Thanks in advance…

Disregard… Posted in wrong folder.

Is this status also good for Android version Chase?

Upgraded to latest firmwar. Drone goes through normal checks, still fails at the “take test picture” stage but allows you to continue…but now when I press the green airplane to continue it comes up with “starting mission” and then nothing…just sits there, drone doesnt take off. Have formatted card, tested camera in DJO Go App, re calibrated gimbal…3 times and not mission start

This firmware version should be fine. Will check your logs to see what is happening,

do you have them…?


Looks like you still have an older version of dronedeploy. We updated it a week or so ago to handle this new firmware.

ok…ill look in the app store…I though I had the latest

my bad…updated on my phone but not on my galaxy tablet…thanks Chase, as always great support…has this also fixed the issue of not taking the test photo?

I’m not sure why that was happening. It was also failing to set a lot of the camera settings like shutter speed, etc.
I would try to take photos in DJI go first to make sure the ad card and camera work fine. Sometimes they get into weird states.