Is my Inspire 1 supported?

Hey guys I’ve searched and I need some help. I’m planning to fly a mission this afternoon and I’m now concerned with whether or not I have a V1.0 or V2.0 Inspire? The sticker on the chassis says T600. But we’ve had it since before November. It does have the snap lock props so I’m just confused.

Thanks in advance!

Are you planning to use iOS or Android? iOS should support both, but Android might not support V2 at the moment.

iOS! I’ve updated the firmware on the aircraft to the latest DJI release as well. I believe its or something like that. So iOS supports all versions of Inspire 1?

@chasemgray edited 1st post, it is a T600 model, sorry for the typo

Yes. If you have the X5 camera it flies a bit slow at the moment due to a capture rate issue that DJI is fixing.

Nope the standard white gimbal Zenmuse X3 I believe

Any other tips for our first DroneDeploy flight with the Inspire? I’ve watched all the support videos and feel comfortable at this point. Just panicked when I thought our Inspire could be a v2.0, since this is listed as unsupported

I think if you’ve seen the videos and read the documentation you should be pretty good.