Inspire x5 update

Any idea to when I will be able to use x5 on the inspire for mapping. As have a big mapping job lined up for it. Would be nice to use this for the job.

This is supposed to come out in the next month or two.

i flew a mission with the x5, flight was beautiful, but the shutter was never triggered.

X5 is currently not supported. I think with the newest update it should fly but won’t take images. we should have a fix for this in the near future. There isn’t official dji sdk support for x5 yet. They say it will be about a month or so more.

Hi Chase, is there an update on the X5? We would like to outfit the Matrice with an X5 or the Inspire Pro Black with the X5. Thanks

At works with iOS at the moment with the default DJI lens. We are working on adding more support soon.

Thanks Chase, great work! So currently the IOS flies a Matrice with the X3?

Yes, we’ve had users flying X3 with Matrice on iOS. We’ve heard a few people having success with Android as well but we are less sure about that.

Excellent! Thanks Chase, I had my Matrice just take off and hover with the Android app.

Do you mean it was a successful takeoff?

Is the matrice on the firmware from last week?

It was a good takeoff but the mission wasn’t executed.

This sounds like what happened with the older firmware. Are you using the one that is on the DJI website right now?

Yes, that is probably the case…I will test with the new firmware when the weather improves.