Unable to create panorama using Inspire 2 X5S

Today I wanted to test the newly announced “Panorama” mode but unfortunately I got a “Camera model not supported” message.

However, the X5S is not listed as being an incompatible model. Any ideas?


What mm is your lens?

Hi Andrew,

I’m using the stock DJI 15mm.

X5S 15mm will be supported for panoramas in version 3.9 of the iOS app. Expected to release week of April 22nd.


Thank you!

Off-topic, but do you have any insights if and/or when we will be able to plan double grid missions? The current implementation isn’t sufficient for me (or I would have to rotate the existing grid by 90° but that isn’t very user friendly, see Pix4D for example).

An improvement to crosshatch planning should release in May which will improve 3D models. Look forward to your feedback on that!

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That’s great to hear!

It’s always good to have multiple tools available for the job. One major advantage that DroneDeploy has (over Pix4D or DJI GS Pro) is the ability to plan your mission beforehand on a desktop. Like I said, just the double grid is currently missing but I look forward to test that in May (if you need a beta tester, just shoot me a message!).

Is there a list of X5S lenses that are compatible with Panorama Flight?

(or specifically will the Olympus M. Zuiko 12mm lens work? )