X5 Support in Beta App


Impressed so far with the beta Android app and latest DJI FW for the Phantom 3. I am keen to try out the app on my Inspire 1 with X5 camera and wonder

(a) if the X5 camera is supported yet
(b) if I need to change any settings in the app?

Obviously the focal length is different than the X3 camera that was originally on the Inspire, so the overlap is going to be lower unless the mission plan is changed.

Best wishes

Nick (UK)

We haven’t found a way to get the x5 to work yet. I think
Dji needs to release a firmware update for it to work.

I see that the X5 is supported now. I have flown 2 missions but my focus seems to be off. Do we set focus with the DJI App airborne, then switch to DroneDeploy? What is the best workflow? Using the 12mm lens. Is that lens supported?