Are We Cleared to Update to Inspire 1 Firmware v.

Also, DJI GO app v2.4.3?


Checking this today. Changelogs look minimal so hopefully it’s fine.

Chase, I’m in no hurry to update Inspire v1.6.0.40, it’s only a small update concerning mainly cold battery operations. But, when you get a chance can you clear this? Thanks!

@koavog It seems to work fine.

Thanks Chase, I’m updating as I write…

I have also updated everything now. New tester on this beta app. Can’t wait to get testing here in Denmark with my inspire. Just need the weather to be with me :slight_smile:

Hi, I updated a phantom 3 to the last firmware, and I was trying to fly, all check list was passed and iPhone show that take off was successful, but my phantom was still on the ground? Maybe you know solution for that problem.
P.S Sorry for my English grammar but i isn’t my native language.

I have exactly the same issue. Unfortunately found dronedeploy after I got and flashed my Phantom. Any idea if you can downgrade firmware busy googling at the moment.

Ok went back to 1.5.30 and worked perfectly this time so for some reason 1.6.30 does not work for me at least.

@kneedrag 1.6.30 does not work for me as well. How can I go back to 1.5.30 version? I put the firmware on SD card, but didn`t work.

What is the error you are seeing when trying to fly with 1.6.3?

@chasemgray After update, I’m not able to get some kind of information from the app screen… for example… I cant see how much battery do I have? Im not able to take pictures and record videos… I can`t take off my drone by app… I gotta use the remote control comand… GPS is out…

So, I really don`t know what to do.