Confused - Unsure about Inspire firmware and cannot find DD for P2 on play store

Hi all,

I’m a total noob to Dronedeploy so please excuse my questions. I have searched for the answer to these but I am still a bit lost:

Inspire 1 - I am on firmware (the version that came out in September, 1.4 I believe). The forum posts are a bit confusing - is this version no good for DD? I don’t really want to mess about downgrading or anything as I have my CASA assessment coming up soon and I don’t need to be grounded for that.

P2V+ : I thought I’d try your app out on my P2 but I can’t find it on the Play Store. I am told it’s not available in my country (Australia). Is there any chance you can point me in the direction of the APK please?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

It should work with that firmware but with a few limitations on plan size, etc. you might see it take off by fail to start the mission and just hover at like 10 meters.
We no longer have a phantom 2 application. We are focusing on inspire and phantom 3 which is also what DJI is doing with the Third party support going forward.
The beta firmware we have linked for inspire on our forum is actually a higher version than your current version so it wouldn’t be a downgrade. If you aren’t comfortable upgrading it should still work with your current firmware most of the time.

Great, thank you for your help. Much appreciated :slight_smile: