Beta Release 1.1.2 Released in Play Store

We’ve released our updated beta inspire app to the Play store. If it is not in the store already it will be in the next hour or so. Mostly just fixes based on feedback after getting our app to work with DJI’s new SDK firmware. They are still behind with releasing a public version so for now everyone is still stuck on SDK firmware.

Please leave bugs and feedback in this thread.


  • More consistent takeoff
  • More consistently pointing gimbal downwards.
  • Camera settings get set properly now.
  • Min altitude is now 10m and max is 500m with warnings for very low and very high altitudes.
  • Takeoff with Phantom 3 should be a bit quicker
  • Continue mission should be working as it was before
  • Other minor bug fixes

The newest SDK firmwares from DJI seem to work fine. They will actually increase the max speed that they previously limited. Again, I think only the aircraft upgrade is required and not the RC.

Phantom 3 Pro Firmware:

Phantom 3 Advance Firmware:

Inspire 1 Firmware:

Thanks for all the feedback!