New Play Store Update in Testing

We have our new version which fixes a number of reported bugs by you guys currently in alpha testing on the play store. It should go through to public by early tomorrow Pacific time. This should fix camera settings, takeoff issues, gimbal issues, and a few other small bugs.

If anyone is interested in being on the alpha or beta channel of the google play store app for inspire/p3 please let us know.

Sign me up! I will be in the field tomorrow so I can give it a shot.

What would be any different for the beta testers than what I am doing now?

Not much different than the past month or so. I just mentioned it in the last post but we will post something with a better description soon. As we move closer to a more official release we will separate those that want to test new features and provide feedback and others just making maps.

Just downloaded the the Inspire / P3 Beta from Google Playstore and I’m getting this error - “Unfortunately, DroneDeploy Beta has been stopped.” I have tried manually installing versions 1.1.0 & 1.0.8, and they all fail to open. I am using an Asus Memo Pad7 (ME176CX).


Hmm. The version I’m pushing tonight does have a fix for a crash that was happening to come users on boot. Hopefully this fixes your issue too.

Would be glad to be in the alpha/beta for the app. Or anything that could get continue mission working with the I1

I would like to participate in the alpha test. Chase, DJI published the beta firmware to Inspire 1. It’s needed to make the upgrade of the to fix something of DD?

Chase, I would be interested as well. Thank you!

hi chase
im also intrested i will probably make a mission of 75 acer of golf field this weekend i wanted to know if the continus mission on inspire working well

Thanks guys,

We’ll make a more official post soon and I’ll put your names on the list to give to our product team who is going to manage things like this.

Chase, would you be so kind to add me to the list?

I’m in. Add me also.

I would also like to be on the list. Thank you

I want to try the new app that fixes camera settings, takeoff issues, gimbal issues, and a few other small bugs.
How to do it?

Hey guys,

Pushed the newest version to the play store. Should be live in a couple hours.

If you’re interested in beta testing a few days or so before we release new features in the future please use this link to sign up. At the moment it is the same app. I think you can also opt out if you ever want to.


Count me in, I’m up for it! :slight_smile:

Regards, 9Apps Cartoon HD