Beta Release 1.1.7 Released in Play Store

We’ve released our updated beta inspire app to the Play store. You may have seen we had two versions people could use the past week or so. We have an early release channel for testing certain features that we don’t want to release to everyone all at once because it might still have problems. An example of this is continue mission since we didn’t always have a large area to test in. If you want to give feedback on these early releases you can opt-in at this link but we only recommend doing that if you are sure what you’re doing.

Please leave bugs and feedback in this thread.


  • Internal changes to prepare for offline mode
  • Reduce frequency of waypoint errors on larger missions.
  • Increase maximum distance between waypoints (1000 meters+ should be ok)
  • Added a fix for pointing the gimbal down if mission started in the air.
  • Continue mission should work as expected for normal overlap missions. Still exists an issue with high overlap.
  • Added a retry checklist button when a check fails.
  • Live chat should be accessible during flight now.

You still need the beta SDK firmware from DJI. They are listed below. DJI is supposed to have a release soon and we hope it includes SDK support.

Phantom 3 Pro Firmware:

Phantom 3 Advance Firmware:

Inspire 1 Firmware:

Thanks for all the feedback!