Beta Release 1.4.2 (Offline Mode V2)

Hi all,

We have released a version (1.4.2) in the Play store that has lots of bug fixes and supports full offline mode. Please let us know how your tests go with the new offline mode using this feedback thread. There are a lot of changes in this version so we that is the reason we are letting this be an opt in download first. We have been testing and fixing bugs all week but we think it’s ready for you guys to start testing.

Phantom 3 Pro Firmware:

Phantom 3 Advance Firmware:

Inspire 1 Firmware:


  • Offline planning of a new plan
  • Better syncing
  • Using Bing tiles for outside the U.S.
  • First attempt at getting “new mission” working again.
  • Live support seemed to be broken sometimes, this is fixed now.
  • Increased the speed we can take photos. You should be able to cover more area now!
  • If you fly plans offline, whenever your phone connects back to the internet it should sync the data back to our servers. If you don’t see a flight on your dashboard you may need to open the app again to let it sync.
  • Improved performance and reduced data usage.
  • Hopefully more consistently connects to the drone.
  • Undo works as it should during planning. I think it was broken in the previous release.
  • Lots of new messaging to help users when something goes wrong (waypoints fail)
  • You can skip the failed test photo check and fly anyways.
  • Continue mission should work better now if you are connected to the web.
  • Other various bug fixes that people have been having trouble with.

Please leave bugs and feedback in their own thread here:


Do you have any plans to post the .APK on release pages? Would speed up the roll out quite a bit and let people who are itching to try it get it ASAP

We don’t usually do that because it usually pops in the store within a couple hours. Do you need to fly sooner? I can send one.

YESSS will be in touch with any issues found, cheers guys you rock!

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This is really exciting! We could have used this yesterday - were having issues getting a signal at a cemetery in Cambridge, MA. We will hopefully be testing this out this weekend.

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This is EXACTLY what I needed. I do not have cell reception in most places that I would use this. I will be going out tomorrow.

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Still not showing on playstore yet?? Any one else updated at all

Should be there. Just opt int, go to store on your phone and download or update. Should say 1.4.0 in sidebar on the app.

i have 1.3.3 should it ask for an update?

Sweet! Downloaded and played with it for about 5 mins…Offline features seem to work on a 2013 Nexus 7 running 6.0 with a P3 Pro. Look forward to a more thorough testing this weekend!

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I cant find the update either. I opted in and got the “you’re a beta tester” message but there is no update in the play store. I’m still stuck on 1.3.3??? Thanks

It was there yesterday, Chase. I flew successfully with it yesterday.
But this morning, the Play Store has reverted to 1.3.3

1.4.0 = AWESOME

Thanks for all the hard work, guys!


I’m with you I can’t see the update either.

djmic, I’m not sure what’s going on. Some people are able to update and others aren’t. Hopefully we get some resolve soon.

This should be in the play store now or in the next hour or so as the primary version. I pushed a small fix (1.4.1) to the beta channel version so you guys should be able to download 1.4.0 easily now.

djmic, been trying to message you but the forum bounces the messages. Connect via email?

I was finally able to update to 1.4, Thanks

why I cant find the flight duration after make a flight plan on my 1.4.1 DD app… :grimacing: