Best App/Firmware to Get Started?

I’m a little late getting started here due to some things in the way, but I’m eager to begin, since I have some agriculture prospects to explore.

My question is, what is the last combination of proven DroneDeploy App, DJI App, and Phantom P3A Firmware to start out with?

If possible, I would like to get my feet wet with the most reliable setup until I get used to working with everything, then move up to the more lasted and more experimental Beta version(s) where I might make the best contributions to the effort.

A couple of the links in the tutorial page to firmware and software guides are broken, but I found this. Is this what I’m looking for:

Aircraft: v.01.05.0011 for Inspire and Phantom 3
Remote control: v.1.03
DroneDeploy Beta app: v.1.1.7

Thank you!

The 1.05 firmware will work best but the 1.04.006 firmware has been flown by many more people. It has more limitations though and if you already have 1.04.0010 you can’t downgrade.

Thank you for the reply. Actually, I have two functional P3A’s, and have reserved one specifically for DroneDeploy for the time being. So…one of the them is flying 1.04.0010, and I anticipated it might not be compatible with the beta DroneDeploy software that I want to get started with.

However, my other P3A and controller are still on 1.x.x something or other (I haven’t looked closely yet), so I believe I have the latitude with that one to update the firmware to whatever works best to get started with DroneDeploy. That’s the plan, at least.

I expected to start with some limitations, but I wanted to get my feet wet with as few problems as possible, then dig into the fray from there. I appreciate your advice!

  I completely agree with you chasemgray

Hi Folks, just about to try out DD with my Inspire this weekend, however I recently updated my RC firmware to 1.5.70, will this be ok?

I think you ll be fine

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