Getting Started Guide

Thanks for signing up for the forum! We’re really excited to have you as one of our beta testers. This post is here to give you a bit of context as to what to expect, and how to get started.

First off - this is a beta.
This means that we have tested the core functionality out on our vehicles/devices - however, we have only a few inspire/phantom3’s and a few Android devices on hand here. This means we expect a few teething pains as we understand what it takes to get all drones and devices compatible, please bare with us :slight_smile:
Further, this is not a fully complete or polished product - there may be some messaging which doesn’t make complete sense, we may have issues downloading/uploading images etc. Again, please bare with us through this, and please do let us know if you are experiencing any issues, so that we can try resolve them.

That being said, we have had several iterations of the app, and dozens of people test it so far, so we’re getting there.

Which devices are you currently supporting?
This beta is for the Inspire1 and Phantom3 Professional only on Android. We unfortunately cannot support the Phantom 3 Advanced at this time.

Onwards and upwards!
We have started detailing the installation and setup procedures in our Beta Setup Documentation, and have a separate guid for Updating Firmware.

We will be sharing new APKs in the Releases category.

Please provide feedback!
If you have any problems or comments - please post a reply to the release you’re using in the Bug Reports & Feedback category.

What’s the timeframe?
The beta has been running for the last few weeks, and this forum is the first step in opening it more publicly. Once we have the majority of people onboarding successfully and making maps successfully, we’ll gear it up for public release.

Getting Started
Right now, the biggest issue we have is getting your Inspire/Phantom3 to the correct firmware version which supports the DJI SDK. Please follow the Upgrading Firmware on the Phantom 3 / Inspire 1 guide, and use the firmware listed under Downloading the Beta Firmware section.
Unfortunately if your firmware doesn’t support the SDK, we won’t be able to make an initial connection to it, and you’ll make little progress.

Once you’ve updated the firmware, please follow the rest of the Inspire 1 / Phantom 3 Beta documentation

Thanks again for joining us on this adventure, and we look forward to getting you mapping soon!



Hello, I have the Inspire 1 with NDVI IR camera updated. I’m new to the field and I’m assuming the Drone Deploy software I downloaded will work with my LG G Android tablet, and eventually able to test with my iPhone 6 plus with LTE.

I’ll read through the getting started guide. Hope it will give some detail on the NDVI setup/configuration. I did some test shooting and the video is red-ish and not sure if Drone Deploy will process this by default OR is there more config to do before beta testing. I look forward to testing and plan on using it for local farm and golf course management if I can convince the agronomy manager the value. Thank you again for test privilege.

If you need NDVI we can turn that on for your account. We also recommend testing different settings with your camera and processing the images with DroneDeploy. Use the DJI Go app and make sure to turn off the ‘auto camera settings’ in the profile settings on the app when connecting to a drone.

Yes, please turn ON the NDVI. My Inspire 1 has NDVI X3 Camera Unit using the original Sony EXMOR 1/2.3" CMOS sensor for Ag applications. I see recording with the NDVI X3 camera image is filtering Blue + NIR waves. I’d like to be able to either have it work with real-time NDVI processing OR uploading from SD card (in case my carrier has no service at a location). I realized that T-mobile has great signal in Metro areas but not so much in rural farm areas. Also want to propose uses for Golf course agronomist. Thank you again.

Great, I’ve enabled that for you now. All future maps will have the NDVI processing performed on them.

Exciting to hear about the Golf Course usecase, sounds like a really good one!