Firmware developer 1.2.4 or new beta 1.1.7


dji sdk have release new beta firmware. now i use the developer firmware 1.2.4 in your guide…

where is the the differencies ?
and if i upload in the ph3 the new beta sdk firmware 1.1.7 , your application is stable ?
i contiunued with developer firmware 1.24. or intall the new beta 1.1.7 ? thanks

We have been testing the newer firmware. If you want to fly it you can. We didn’t want to recommend the newest one until we have had time to do a lot of flights with it.

I am beta testing the new FW for DJI on P3p and I1. Any advice here Chase?

We’ve done hundreds of flights on 1.2.4 on the P3, and on Inspire (those linked in our documentation).

We’re starting to test on Inspire (a few flights), but haven’t been able to ‘downgrade’ our P3’s from 1.2.4 to 1.1.7.

hi, i fly with your firmware 1.2.4 , today i downgrade to 1.1.7 . no problem to downgrade

is anyone beta testing 2.21 on the inspire currently experiencing spinning between waypoints and no pictures being taken

We have seen a couple of people on 2.21 with spinning drones - some of which have captured imagery, but with some radial blur.

nothing here, sd card was empty, it asked if i want to upload now or upload later, i hit upload now and that just disappeared, will try to test again tomorrow see what happens, here is the flight log

Have you tested 2.2.17 on the inspire yet? I have to install today and want to make sure it still works here

We’ve done a few flights (~15) and it seems to work great. Seen some issues with, but 17 seems good.

Not quite ready to update our guide and start recommending to all - but would appreciate some feedback if you had any :slight_smile: