Inspire 1 Firmware

So just to be clear.
I need to upgrade my inspire 1 and controllers to firmware 1.03 from DJI website
I need to upgrade my inspire 1 and controllers to firmware DD 1.04
I need to download the DD from the android app store

is that right?

Yes that is correct.

so I was able to update the I1 with the DJI Firmware 1.03 as well as the controllers. I then started the DD 1.04 firmware update on the I1 with success. I moved on to update my controllers with the DD 1.04 and made sure that I deleted the Txt file, but nothing is happening. Any ideas why I cant update the Controllers with the DD 1.04 firmware?

Thanks :smile:

The controllers don’t seem to update now without the DJI Go app. Fortunately the 1.03 firmware has been working fine for everyone because there aren’t any new changes in 1.04 for the controller.

Last question. and again thank you so much for clarifying everything for me. Anyways I noticed that Im suppose to update the smart batteries with the DJI Firmware 1.03, so I had to repeat this process with all 5 batteries that I have. will I have to do that with the DD1.04 as well for the I1?

I don’t believe 1.04 has any changes to the smart battery, but I could be wrong.

again thanks for all your help. I will update you once I get everything updated and mapping :smile:

The Beta Version seems to update the battery

I didn’t even think about upgrading the fw on the other two batteries when I upgraded to .005 on the phantom III. I wonder if that could be causing me any problems? How do I upgrade the fw on the batteries at this point? Just do the update over and over with each battery installed?

Yep. Just have the firmware file on the sd card.