Image capture skipping areas

Hi, I’m sorry if this has been asked before and this is not the right place to ask. I’m having a slight problem with image capture result using dronedeploy. Attached image is a point from geotagged images.

Red point using Phantom 4 Pro, you’ll see that some areas are skipped during image capture. You will notice that some point is not evenly spread, and this is match with the image result that some area are skipped.

Green point using Mavic Pro. This is the result supposed to be.

Both drone fly on the same day, the same time. With 150m altitude, sidelap 60% and frontlap 70%. Mavic using Xiaomi phone, while Phantom 4 using Samsung Tab S2 tablet. Both are the latest dronedeploy installed.

I wonder what have might causing this? Is it the wind? Or is it because the android device?

How is dronedeploy capture images? Is it by time base (eg: per 2 second) or by distance base (eg: per some meters)?

Hi @montazery,

I think this is most likely due to the fact that one tablet was an Android (less stable) and the other was IOS (more stable). Now that I think about it the Xiaomi is not supported. Sadly, there are thousands of Android devices and for us to test all of them is not feasible. You can see a list of our supported devices here. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Regarding how we capture waypoints. With the previous SDK we used shutter speed to decide how many images should be taken. With the SDK V4 we determine the number of photos that need to be taken based off of the distance between two waypoints. That being said, wind can still have an effect on when and where the image is taken.


Hi @zach1,

Both device are android, and both device are not supported by DD. I’m not using any iOS device.

Mavic Pro using Xiaomi Phone.

Phantom 4 Pro using Samsung Tab S2 tablet.

Hi @montazery,

Is there a way for you to test on a Supported Device? We can only try to provide resolutions for devices that are officially supported by us at this time.


Hello guys. I have had the same problem, not all the pictures were taken. Some were very close each other, some were very apart. Flying p4p on Samsung j7 2016. I flow higher than 100m and as low as 30m. Not matter the altitude had the same problem. When flying p3a I never had a missing Picture. Hope you can solve this issue. Carlos.

@Christina I’m sorry I can’t test on supported device, maybe later.

@cidcarlos I see that you are using P4P also, maybe the problem is between DD with P4P, not because of unsupported device.

This attachment are my latest attempt after playing around with camera settings in Dji GO, specially changing shutter speed as @zach1 mentioned in previous reply that DD using shutter to determined to take image.

  • The green point is capture result from Mavic Pro, using DD on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (not supported device).
  • Red point is capture result from Phantom 4 Pro, using DD on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (not supported device).

Both using the same device. Altitude 150m, sidelap 60%, frontlap 70%, speed 15m/s

You see that Mavic Pro get the correct result, eventhough that Mavic Fly with continuous mission (2 batteries), the images were taken on the same spot with the previous taken images.

While P4P has skipping areas (frontlap result less than 70%).

Good morning. @montazery what sd card are you using? Could this be a sd problem? I am using class 10. @Christina why not DD provide the option of taking a picture every 2 seconds? Good flight!!

@cidcarlos I’m using class 10 SD card, fyi my Mavic is using the same SD card.

@montazery @cidcarlos

Thanks for reaching out. In situations where your Drone is failing to capture all of the images, it may be related to an SD card issue. I would recommend formatting your SD card before flight and see if you still experience these issues. I would also recommend using a card with a class of USH-1 or higher.


@Yusuf thank you for replying, I always formatting my SD card everyday. I dont think SD card is the problem, because my Mavic Pro is using the same SD card and dont have any problem. Even on a very windy situation Mavic succes capturing image, while on a normal situation P4P failed to maintain frontlap gap.

I somehow believe the problem is between DD with the drone specially Dji Phantom 4 Pro. Otherwise another P4P user decline my statement.


I use a Phantom 4 Pro drone and have flown missions with 90% front overlap and 80% side overlap at 9 mph at 340’ above takeoff point in sunlight with good map results. When I fly with only 80% front overlap the results are not as good because the spacing between the photos is more variable. So I suggest trying 90% front overlap and 80% to 85% side overlaps at 250’ above the highest features you are mapping.

@SolarBarn Thanks for your input. 85/85 - 90/90 are great values for a map to have good overlap.

@montazery I have had no reports recently of a P4P failing to take images. This may have to do with the DroneDeply app not being able to communicate with the drone due to the type of phone you have which is not on our supported list. I would troubleshoot with a supported device.


Hello @Yusuf @Christina @SolarBarn @montazery @zach1 @chasemgray I flow today and have had the same problem. My fligth was Parque, the app said it would take 128 images, it took 131, but one line was very much uneven, see the image:

I flow P4Advanced, with version 2.65.0 of DD on Samsung J7 2016. Drone and RC with new firmware. Micro SD class 10 HCI U3 (panasonic).
As you can see the problem is on frontal overlap.
Another issue was that a 93 m of altitude the drone flow at only 9 m/s instead of 15 as P3A or P3P used to fly.
I think that havin the option of shooting every 2 sec if an user want to use would be a good thing for DD app.
Thanks for your time.


Hello @cidcarlos, thank you for the feedback. This issue seems like a DJI error when communicating with the drone’s camera. If you have formatted your memory card, using a high-speed card, and are not running into space issues, I would say the issue might be attributed to the actual Drone camera itself getting backed up. Some ways to correct this would be to fly slower, reformat the memory card before every flight, and to manually take photos during your flight. This is an uncommon issue and please do reach out if you are having this issue happen consistently.


Hello @Yusuf thanks for your comments. The options you mention are very difficult to implement, dont you think that adding a 2 second interval between pictures would be easier for everybody? If you have problems you can use this option, if you do not have problem will not need to click on that botom. I saw someother users with the same problem. And as I have mentioned, this was not an issue with P3A or P3P, moreover is not a problem with DJI GS PRO on the same P4P. Carlos

Hello @cidcarlos,

It is difficult to diagnose this problem unless this situation is happening consistently in the DroneDeploy app. I would believe that this same situation may happen in the DJI GS Pro app if it is related to a camera issue on your Drone. I reached out to my engineers and they mentioned that these spacing of photos are often related to the camera not being able to keep up with the processing speed- which is unrelated to our DroneDeploy app. I would reach out if you are continually experiencing these issues and we can look at this formally. I would be curious to see if you are experiencing these issues while using a supported device.


I am a newbie to DD, but just wanted to chime in and say I ran a mission today with the same results of inconsistent intervals of the photos. Actually the inconsistency was up until the battery swap point, after the swap the drone continued from the proper spot, but appears to have taken the number of photos that was supposed to be the whole mission from the swap point. This made the timing of the photos very crammed together.

By the way, also a Phantom 4 Pro, unsupported Android device Nvidia Shield K1. Getting a new device is not an option.

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