Inconsistent Image Capture

Previously flew with a Phantom 3A, which takes continuous, timed pictures (including on square-ended turns. Acquired a Phantom 4A, and was pleased to see that it was “smart” and took the pictures based on location, and didn’t take extra pictures while making the turn.

On multi-mission flights, sometimes the P4A will revert to the old style. This has happened through the past 2 DD app versions at least.

Flying from East to West here. You can see the difference I’m talking about at the halfway point:

Using a Samsung S8, 8.0.0

DD version 2.83.0

I have been seeing this uneven spacing as well on every flight for the last few months. I haven’t noted any gaps or unreasonable distortions in finished maps so I have not been too concerned, but it is definitely happening for me. I fly P4P-V1 with iPad Mini 4. All latest versions of software.


Hi guys,

There can be a few different things going on here. This can be a display error. The drone can record its GPS data incorrectly. It also could have, like you said, taken images at a different interval. Support can always do a deep dive of the logs if you can open a ticket with us.

Definitely not a display error, as these are actual pictures taken/locations logged. The East flight was spatial shutter triggers, while the west flight went to straight timed triggers. Let me know what’s involved opening a ticket please.

You can email support at

Support is for paid users, but we try to help out free users whenever possible! :grinning:

Same here and still experiencing it. Here is my previous post.

Hi @MichaelL

If you’re able to please chat us on the app or email us at we would be happy to have our flight engineers take a look at the logs for you. If you could also include which flight(s) we should be taking a look at that will help to expedite the investigation.

Thank you!

It’s not possible to figure out which ones because you can’t see the spots unless you are actually uploading. You can kind of see it with image projections on, but it hurts my eyes… I will see if I can mock-load a couple of jobs to narrow it down.

This is from 6d2f97a12d_06BA0AF311INSPIRE.


Sometimes this can also be a display error, or an error with the recorded GPS location, or the images actually weren’t taken. We can investigate this for you, thank you.

Before you spend too much time, please see Christina reply on the original post from Jul 10th.