Why is my question being ignored!

I asked this question over 4 days ago and no response !

I have created some mission on my desktop and synced both.
I connect app and bird to fly and the missions, but are not there.
Yes my tablet has a data connection. it shows some of the mission that I created in the field (they show up on the desktop)
but not the new missions do not show.

What I’m I doing wrong ?

Are you in the field where you are going to fly? The missions get filtered based on the drones current location so you only see missions you can fly right now.

Sorry for the slow reply.

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This should not be… In app i should be able to see ANY flight i have or have already flown. I am seeing the same thing with newly created flights coming from web to app. This is clearly an active bug that needs fixed yesterday!

This post from October 2015 is regarding a completely different app from DroneDeploy than what is in the store at the moment. Similar issues exist but this post is from a time when the apps were very different.

Thats fine… i am trying to get this problem in front of as many as I can. There are multiple bugs that should not be bugs this deep into DD being a product. Some I reported in beta that were never addressed but the prod release was still pushed.

It’s almost unusable at this point for someone like me with limited data in remote areas. You helped me on some in beta, look up my name David Imm and see what is still not fixed.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble @PanamediaPA. Reliability is a huge priority for us (hence why we have this forum to hear from our customers!). That said, there’s a real difference between our testing the app and how it behaves in the “real world.” We appreciate that our customers are so willing to embrace new technology and work with us through the kinks. Thanks for your continued feedback.