Help, the app just doesn't show the perojects

Summary of Issue:

wait forever but the projects just don’t show up. if i add a project, I still cannot see it, but it is added for sure. because it will show on my laptop.
Date Issue Began:
since I start using it.
Drone Model:
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
I tried different mobiles, both ios and android.
DroneDeploy App Version: latest one from google play

Hello @lisong00, thanks for reaching out. I would try deleting your app and re-installing the app to see if that fixes your syncing issue. I would also make sure your internet/data connection is stable when creating these maps. I would also be sure signout and back in. Please do reach out if you have any more questions.


Than Yusuf, I tried all recomended actions, more than once. tried three diffirent mobiles as well. tried creat a new account. the internet is stable. but the problem persist.

Hello @lisong00 I will be reaching out. I will have to reach out to my product team for more information.

Thank you and I will be following up.