How to re-fly a mission

I’ve looked everywhere on the mobile app and on the desktop and searched the forums—how do I re-fly a mission I’ve previously flown? On the mobile side, I can copy mission, and it lists a new map in my maps, but when I click on it, there’s a selection around my desired area with no survey pattern on it…ie: no fly “lines”. And no way to tweak them.
Thanks for the help!

Are you using the latest version from the store that was released today? I haven’t seen this issue with no flight lines. Does that happen when you click the plan button to start flying?

Normally to refly you just copy and then fly as you’ve been trying to do.

Also, which platform (android or ios) are you using?

Hey chasemgray–thanks for such a quick reply!
Yes, using the new version released today. Pretty stoked about some new updates, too.
I am using both iOS and android. It does the same on both.
Tried to upload a screenshot and it says new users can’t upload images.

can you email with screenshot/video if possible? It’d be interesting to see this happening so we can fix it.

just sent–thank you!!

Thought—maybe if I’m out in the field with the drone connected it would show the flightlines? I will test today or tomorrow.