Weird issue with DroneDeploy and DJI Mavic 3E

I was flying a DJI Mavic 3E yesterday and encountered an issue that I have never had before and wonder if others have encountered it.

After the drone completed the second or third to last flight line, it just stopped in the air and hovered. After sitting there for a couple of minutes (admittedly, I got impatient), I had it return to home. After this, I resumed the flight and it completed the mission.

I had a second mission and the same thing happened, but earlier in the mission. I had it return to home, then had it resume. After completing another flight line or two, it did it again. I repeated the return to home/resume mission and this happened two or three more times.

There was a DD update, which I just did AFTER these flights, but don’t know if that is related. Or, perhaps I was just being a bit impatient and had I waited a little longer the mission would have continued.

Anyone experience something similar? If so, suggestions on avoiding it in the future?

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