Fix Mavic 3e missions hang flying over solar panels

Hi, my request is to have a feature that allows the ability to halt and resume/continue a mission mid flight.

I have a persistent yet intermittent problem where my Mavic 3e will stop flying the mapping mission once it reaches the end of the current pass. It will turn and get ready to start the next pass then it just pauses and hovers indefinitely. Only seems to happen near large solar projects. The only way to get the drone back on mission is to force a return to home and then once it lands, I can continue the mission and it works fine till it gets stuck again at some unknown amount of time further down in the mission. This can be very frustrating since it takes about 5-10 minutes to get the drone back to continuing the mission.

The manual return to home is very slow and the drone climbs to 400ft flies back slowly descends ect. I could try reducing the RTH to 200ft but I like it at 400ft default for safety reasons.

My feature request is to have a way to continue a mission mid flight if possible while preserving the original home point.

Last week I spent over an hour manually restarting flights 10 times due to this problem. If i could resume after drone is stuck it would have saved me over and hour, 6 field battery charges, and my sanity as it took as long resetting the drone as i spent completing the mission.


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It sound more like you are asking for a bug fix rather than a feature. This should not happen,

The is a pause and resume, but in this case you did not pause it so of course you can not resume it.
BTW Next time this happens I recommend that you power off the drone and controller (once it RTHs) and exit the app, Then start again.

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I have tried that and it does not seem to make a difference.

This is why I am requesting a “Feature” or they need to know what on earth is causing this bug. I will be glad to provide logs if they are still in my drone.

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