Mavic 3E will not initialize

First attempt to run DroneDeploy on the Mavic 3 Enterprise and keep getting this notification. @Jamespipe DJI pilot was closed and the RTK module was off the drone.

@Marissa.Konicke - FYI - Michael is having issues with takeoff.

Thanks James. I did start a ticket and got a response from Rob. I let him know which flight plan it was to make sure there wasn’t something configured in it that was causing it but have not heard back.

Following. Having the exact same issue.

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I was able to get a mission to fly but have not done enough testing for a conclusive decision. The difference between the two flights was that one was created on the web and the successful one was on the controller. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow.

My M3E was unable to fly even with doing the mission creation on the RC DD app. It failed to initialize the camera every time. I confirmed I had Pilot 2 closed but it was still a no go. For reference my RTK module was on the aircraft as we had successfully completed 3 RTK (Pilot 2) missions before trying the DD app at the end of a day.

I will say flying in Pilot 2 with RTK and processing on DD gets great results so far. Anxious to get the DD app solid on the M3E.

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This issue has been resolved in more recent versions of the app (v4.134.0+).