Mavic 3 Enterprise Compatibility

OK with the recent release of the new DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones and the ability to fly these drones using DroneDeploy does this mean the normal Mavic 3 can now be used???

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Hey John, thanks for posting this. I’ve changed the category to flight as that will be the first step. The typical wait on new drones is because DJI has to release the mSDK so that they can control the system for automation. I did see on the developer channel that a new mSDK was just released, but I don’t know if it has all the components necessary for DroneDeploy to get started.

Hi @John_Renna1, you can find answers to FAQ regarding the Mavic 3E here:

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The Mavic 3E mapping support was announced at DDC. More modes to come soon!

I am in the Mavic 3E beta. Have DD installed on my RC Pro smart controller. Working out bugs now but getting close to a successful map.


Great to hear! looking forward to seeing the results.

I’ve heard DJI has changed their mind and is now only releasing the mSDK for the Mavic 3 enterprise, not the 3, the 3 Cine, or the classic. There are some very unhappy campers.

That’s horrible! I’m stuck with this drone now. I can sell it for a loss but I am not happy at all.

Thanks for the update.