Mavic 3E Video Plan Missions

I figured it was a good idea to just put this as its own topic even though mentioned in another topic of mine. Hopefully the team is already working on this one since it is a base function already of every other drone.

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Yes, all other media options for flight are in process. Although I have not heard a definite timeline. I would keep tabs on the end of the quarters which is usually when things get announced. Sometime the functionality just shows up before the official announcement.

Hey, I just purchased a Mavic 3E with plans to do photo captures with Drone Deploy flight plans. We set them up and are now seeing photos not being captured. Seems like this is not a compatible function with the 3E yet. Any advice or work arounds on setting up Photo plans? Thanks

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I have not yet seen a workaround. Get an air2s for video and photos plans(the mavic 2’s wont be remote id compliant soon).

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Looks like photos plans are working now on mavic 3e. No panos yet

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Sweet! I am going to go try it out. Slowly but surely.

I just tested the plan, it will fly the photos plan, but does not look like it actually takes the photos, it just flies the waypoints. You also cannot plan the photos plan in the app, has to be done on the computer.


Was that with or without RTK?

Without RTK, why were you able to get it to work?

No I was just checking to see if you were using their service or not.

I have had poor luck using the RTK service with DD, I was only able to get a lock one time and I was not able to repeat. This is why I was talking about the midair lock which works 95% of the time instantly.


That’s a shame. I think i’ll stick to local NTRIP (they really need to figure out how to allow this) and Pilot 2 for a while.

Is the RTK module the same as the M2EA? I’d be happy not buying another one, as it wasn’t cheap…

The wide and thermal in the M3T seems to be the same sensors as M2EA, so I wouldn’t upgrade from that (also, the fake 48Mpix and closed format thermal images are still leaving a sour taste in my mouth).

M3E is where it’s at for me.

Edit: the DJI FAQ informs me that the M2EA accessories are NOT compatible with the M3E/T. So it will require another RTK “hat”…

No, the RTK antenna is all new. More constellations and frequencies.

Hi Everyone,

Video Missions are now a feature so this topic can be closed!