Mavic 3E pausing at waypoints

Hi All,
I read in the FAQ that the pausing at waypoints is normal.
This seems to waste a fair amount of time, depending on the mission type, but crosshatch types have a lot of turns.
Is there any hope of this being solved? I recall hearing DJI did away with waypoints for their under the hood flight path engine so this must be related. Just curious if anyone has heard anything on that.
Even with that, I like DD better than the DJI GS planner.

You mean Pilot 2 for the Mavic 3 Enterprise right? I only flew with DD once on this drone because they didn’t have the RTK capability and even now that they have it you have to use their proprietary network so no go but I have been able to do everything I expect consistently well in Pilot 2 so i’m not too worried about it.

Hi @jmaeding , in the next M3E app release (v4.139.0, targeting to be released next week) we have improved the mapping efficiency so that the drone no longer pauses at the end of each leg. This should reduce your overall flight time by at least 15%.

Good point, I had planned on doing PPK but did hear about the RTK drawback. We just got our M3E’s so I am picking all this up.

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Wow, next week? Too good to be true, lol. I should have asked for reliable behavior on Andriod if I knew i would get it next week. Ha Ha.