Uploaded 150 photos but map only stitched 137

Hi, this is my third map using Drone Deploy. I was able to fly and take 150 photos just the other day and was able to upload them all. In my dashboard it says the map has 150 photos just as I expected but when I open the map and start inspecting it, where it shows the image library it says theres only 137. There also seems to be a portion of my map missing. Not a random splatter of the map but a portion I was pretty sure I covered when flying that day and planning the mission. Should I try and upload the photos again or what is my best bet? This is an awesome product and I will continue to use it.


What overlap and attitude did you use? I done my first map now and ended up with just about third of 104 photos, I think it might be because I set up overlap only to 60% and attitude to 100m - I was running out of time - now I will definitely try like 80% overlap and 40-60m flight height and I’m curious if it helps. Actually I’m using Maps Made Easy simultaneously for a comparison and they’ve produced exactly same area, as I said more that half is missing.

Depending on your map type @Ben_Tichy, you may want to go higher- for hard to stitch Ag crops, for example, it’s not unusual for our customers to fly as high as they can legally in their area and at 70-80% frontlap and sidelap.