Not all Images loading during stitching

Twice in a row, I have uploaded a small amount of images to upload(under 90) and during the fast stitch, it showed an incomplete map, and once stitched, it showed a incomplete ortho map.

Curiously, after the initial stitch, It did show a complete DSM map, and a complete 3D map.

I re uploaded the images and in both cases had no issues on the second stitch attempt…

@Prasada Thanks for registering the issue. Is your registered DD email the same as the one used for this forum (s**********

Yes it’s the same, appreciate the quick response

Same issue here with my first map…under half of the 200 pics were stitched on the final map.

Link below…any ideas??

i did a 29 ha area and only see half of the map stitched. all pictures have been uploaded although there was a blue screen on my windows which interrupted the upload. when I started to upload all the pics again since I did not know where it left off the system only took 100 of the 466 pics.

sorry the map:

and no flight data: image


upon trying to upload again I get this message. any ideas?


checked out your map and it looks like it all stitched. Is it still not coming out right for you?

no no no, it is all PERFECT. I love you guys. maybe some delay in rendering and showing the process.
I do have a question though.
is it possible to crop the 3D rendering when croped in the ortomosaic mode?
I tried to crop the image a bit to make it more compact and only the part that is used seeable but in the 3D render it will still show all of the map instead of my cropped map.

I will also put up some new posts and search for the problem I have encountered. if I can not find them in the forum I will start new threads.

thank you for checking back on me. you guys ROCK!!!
oh yes and I will update as I had the bug coming out showing (actually not changeing the % of the battery charge. thankfully I noticed it and the unit also started to beep when battery was low. so I will do the update to 1.5 or 6 eventually soon.


Hi Chase,

I did an exprot of the orto and also checked the .kml file. in google earth the map is not complete.

have a check on that maybe.

everywhere else - sketchfab, DD map photoshop it seems to be ok.

hey @phatzo , can you send us an email to with a link to that map?


Hi Neema, sure. will do so right away :smile:
cheers and keep up the fantastic work. amazing job.

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Hello again,

I would like to know how the cropping of the map is working. is only possible to adjust this once at the beginning or is it possible to do this once processing is finished with the ability to save the cropped map area. I did a new area and I set the boundaries wrong by a little bit. the whole mapped area should be shifted to the left just slightly.

due to the “bad” not so resolution of the map used for DD planning areas I missed the property boundary by about 2-3 meters to the left side like I mention above.

is there a way to correct this afterwards including the 3D model?

The ability to uncrop an area will be available very soon but isn’t out just yet. This would only be for the 2d map. The 3D model would be further in the future.