Stitching issues

Hey @jono & @chasemgray can you have a look into my latest maps that are stitching. Having some issues. Its the last 3. from ‘failure’ to the newest one. One isnt actually showing up half the images…anything pop out why that you can see?


we’re checking on these. We always look into failed maps to see what went wrong.


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thanks @chasemgray! Just looked and seems the issued been solved so ideal!

Just a quick one huys, it says not to load over 1000 images ot the engine map where the jobs im on is a good couple of thousand. what do i do for this? as dont want to mess the map engine up etc.

Glad the stitching issues were resolved!

We don’t have the option to upload over 1000 images at the moment, but we understand it’s a need for many people and are working to get that set up going forward.

How will I stitch large areas together then? I need my current one stitched which will eventually be nearly 2000images. Can missions be stitched together? This is very important that I can do this

We will be improving the UI for uploading images very soon. This will include a warning for 1000+ images that we often have problems currently but you can do your own testing to see how successful things are with your imagery. It will also be good for us to have more data points for us to increase this limit.

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will do some tests then @chasemgray - will let you know how it goes

hi guys so far testing online and offline has been a real success the last few flights. issue i have currently is a strange on. I have 1,500 acres and have split into 3 sections to get it under 1000 images. I uploaded a map called ‘Top of Braunton Burrows’ (this is the top section) i had a message stating it was complete and the preview looked spot on, but when going into the dashboard i have only a flight log. could you have a look please as i dont want to upload the other two section and cause issues.


Hi Chris- I’m opening up a support ticket for this map, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Hi @neema can you open up another support ticket for my map ‘top of burrows’ its missed a load of images in the bottom right section. worked last time but now its missed them

yes , definitely @altitude58

hi @neema havent heard anything for this map with mnissing images in bottom right

Hi @altitude58 - I’ve written you back at the email provided on our forum.


new mapped is now perfectly stitched!! Thanks @neema

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Glad to help, thanks for checking back :blush:

is this kind of stichting normal?

it has small gaps although frontlap and sidelap were over 60% for both. when you check the projections you can see that overlapping is great.

hi @phatzo - I’m not seeing any gaps on this map- if you’d like, please send an email to with some screenshots and we can look into it.


Hello everyone,

I hate to jump onto someone else’s thread but, is there a way to stich multiple jobs? I have a total of just under 5000 images but broke them down into 500 or so images per job.

If you contact and let them know what you’re doing they might be able to help. We are looking to increase the limit as we do more tests on larger jobs.

My first few maps were great! but my last four or five maps have had quite a bit of trouble stitching. We are get large blurry spots in the middle of images and corn rows that are warped not running straight after the stitching.

Is there any way to fix this?