Images uploaded but map incomplete

Uploaded my first map and although all the images show as uploaded and their projections appear properly on the map, the rendered map is incomplete. Any ideas? On mobile so forgive the formatting

What is the height and overlap set at? Looks like you don’t have enough images and overlap to process a complete map.

Hi Thanks for your response.

I used: 200 FT. Sidelap 70%, Frontlap 60% Max flight speed 34 mph.

Thing is there are images that cover the entire area in this set. I can prob stich these in a photo sticher and get the entire space covered. I also see these same photos reflected in the image projections that are shown however there are no images there.

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Also top tip for a good reproduction is to Circle as part of your plan.

Thanks. I ran another mission on a commercial building and upped the overlap percents to Max and ended with 165 images. This resulted in a great rendering. So I’ll head back to the site and reshoot the other with the same settings.

95% front lap setting had the drone running quite slowly. What’s the best middle nunber here or is it 95?

I’ll be sure to turn on orbit it at end of mission.

Also with the mavic it showed it was taking photos but the counter wasn’t increasing. It did take the shots but it was odd the counter didn’t update. I wonder if a known issue

Why does orbiting at the end of the mission improve the results?

Hi, this continues to happen to me also… Has there been an explanation?
It happens too often…
However, when I re run the processing then there are other part of the map missing… (With the same pictures)
I can tell this is not due to overlap…
DroneDeploy please provide some light on it.

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