Partial map received

When I open the app and look at the 2D map I see only a partial map of the area flown. If I click on the switch next to “Images” it shows the outline of images covering the whole area.

When my maps come back from processing with blank areas, it generally happens when I’ve nudged back my overlap settings too much or clouds were moving across the area. I have settled on 70% overlap in both directions to fix the 1st problem. Not much to fix the second other than wait for a more uniform day.

Hi Brent. Thanks for the update. I’ll keep those things in mind next time I fly. Looking at the images and image projections it doesn’t look like either one of those should be an issue this time. Screenshots of the 2DMap and image projections are below:

It looks like there was plenty of overlap. I was busy watching the drone, but I don’t remember any clouds in the sky that day.

Flying higher with 75/75 overlaps (near 400 ft) at this time of the season over crops works best.

It looks like you might have cropped out the upper area.
Try expanding it with this.

Thanks Parbar. I was viewing a recording of a webinar this morning and it sounds like I should be flying higher. Will try it and report back.

I watched a webinar which indicated that I need to fly higher and fly on a still day so the wind is not moving the leaves of the corn plants around. So I flew at 375 feet on a still day. I then got a message that DroneDeploy was not able to process the data set. Go figure.

So nay suggestions? I have a similar problem with 3d mapping a forest. The day was clear and i flew in recomended 250ft 70/70 overlap .

Sorry. No suggestions. Sometimes I get a more complete map than other times. I don’t think I have ever gotten a 100% complete map.

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I guess we should always try to make more photos or even more runs to be safe.

Ironically, within an hour of saying I have never received a complete map, I received one. I don’t know that I did anything different to get it.